Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dr. Alin Alkass: A Passion for Smiles

Chicagoland native Dr. Alin Alkass Alin has a passion for smiles, and his professional education and experience help him bring smiles to many. Both at the office and during his time off, he enjoys bringing this gift to everyone he meets, and like most Chicagoans, his smile is broadest when the Chicago Bears are at the top of their game.

Dr. Alin Alkass received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Illinois Chicago. From there, he continued on to receive his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry. In addition, throughout his professional career, Dr. Alkass has participated in extensive continuing education, completing many more hours of schooling than required to maintain licensure.

Professional Experience

For seven years after receiving his doctorate, he
worked alongside other dentists, gaining practice in a wide range of dental procedures. He is particularly skilled in periodontal maintenance or gum care; replacing fillings, crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers; tooth nerve therapy, also known as root canals; denture fabrication; tooth extraction; treating children and more.

Dr. Alkass is a different kind of dentist. Warm, patient and caring, he takes the time to listen and then provide you with the best care possible. He is also well-regarded by his patients for his thoroughness. Rather than being rushed, he believes in personal quality over quantity and is complimented for his light, gentle touch.

Chair-side Manner

Dr. Alkass enjoys bringing smiles to everyone. His demeanor both in and out of the office prove the patience with which he goes about this task. He takes the time to listen to patients and explain procedures in order to set them at ease. One patient referred to being treated by Dr. Alkass as “a great experience” and noted, “I used to be afraid of going to the dentist since I had my wisdom teeth removed in the army. He was very understanding and gentle.”

You will find the level of commitment to high-quality dental care provided by Dr. Alin Alkass and his team to truly be a treat for you. Everyone at Smiles on Elston is persistent in helping you achieve results you will notice. Our team strives for excellence through perfection in high-tech, yet down to earth dentistry.

Personal Interests

When he isn’t fixing smiles at the office, Dr. Alkass puts a smile on his own face by cheering for his Chicago Bears, spending time with his family and traveling. He also enjoys supporting charities such as the American Cancer Society, the Red Cross and Mart Mariam Catholic/Chaldean Church.

All his life, he has shared his contagious smile. Now he brings the gift of smiles to others in a more powerful manner because he believes everyone needs a reason to smile.

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